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Proposed Ordinances

The following ordinances have not been passed, but are currently on the agenda for the city council and the public to look over and discuss at city council meetings. Council meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM in the Council Chambers. If you have questions, please contact the City Administrator at 402-987-3448 or email at

The City Attorney’s office has made the following revisions and has the following comments for P&Z’s consideration:

  1. “Front Yard” is defined in section 202 and would apply to this ordinance – no additional definition is needed.
  2. Removed the word “paved” to allow for either paved or other “hard surfaces” (i.e. gravel, crushed limestone, etc.)
  3. Removed street parking regulation from ordinance because it is not a zoning regulation
  4. 20 feet was selected because the general front yard setback in the City is 25 feet for residential property (although many properties in town have smaller setbacks than is required). The rationale is that a vehicle parked in a front yard should be shorter than the setback requirement. Could revise to say 25 feet, but would recommend against any longer than that. Trailer length would be included, as trailers are considered part of the RV.
  5. Street parking related to stop signs is not a zoning regulation – council may consider as part of future street parking regulation
  6. P&Z’s suggested revision regarding no more than 2 types of RV with 4 total could create issues – under that rule, a property owner would be permitted to store 4 campers/motor homes on a property. That’s the sort of land use this regulation is meant to prohibit. If P&Z is trying to allow, for example, someone to be able to store a boat, two personal water craft, and a camper on a property, then I’d suggest something more like “No more than two of a single type of RV” are permitted to be stored outside, with a cap of 4 total. That is still a lot of RV’s stored on a single property, but ultimately this is a policy question for P&Z and council to discuss.
  7. The only existing parking regulation is section 510, which sets the minimum required parking for residential property. These regulations would be in addition to those required in 510, and no revision of 510 is needed to pass these regulations.