Advisory Boards

There are various Advisory Boards that review issues and make recommendations to the City Council. These boards are comprised of Dakota City residents that have expressed interest in a particular subject area. All advisory board meetings are subject to the Open Meetings Act.

Board of Adjustment-Craig Broyhill, Shirley Sides, Everett Bahr, and Bill Quinn

Board of Health-Mayor Jerry Yacevich, President Chuck Carson, Sgt. Jared Junge, and Theresa Grove

Cemetery Advisory Board-Kayla Logan, Chris Twiford, and Eve Sides

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board-Jared Noteboom, Tyler Lane, Tammy Cahill-Lane, and Alex Alamillo

Planning & Zoning Advisory Board-Mark Dorcey, Jean Broyhill, Linda Carson, Scott Shadbolt, and Bill Quinn

Rental Property Licensing & Inspection Advisory Board-Mark Dorcey, Andrew Backman, Joni Korthuis, and Randy Groetken

Tree Advisory Board-Troy Swick, Marion Cain, Shirley Sides, and Carolyn Coughlin

Library Advisory Board-Donna Foxhoven, Virginia Piper, Linda Carson, Brandi McManigal, and Ron Hartnett

When board vacancies arise, residents can apply to fill the available position. The Advisory Board Application can be downloaded here. Applications should be returned to City Hall. Appointments are recommended by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.