There are several local licenses and permits that residents should review to ensure compliance.

All applications can be returned to City Hall, located at 1511 Broadway, Dakota City, NE 68731. They may also be mailed to City Hall at P.O. Box 482, Dakota City, NE 68731 or emailed to the City Administrator at

ATV / UTV License

The City requires all ATV/UTV vehicles to be licensed. Dakota City and South Sioux City licenses are valid in either community. To license your ATV/UTV, you must complete the registration form. You will also be required to show proof of registration, liability insurance, and pass an inspection at City Hall. The license is $30 and must be renewed by January 1st of each year. The annual renewal fee is $25.

Beehive License

Anyone wanting to maintain a beehive within Corporate Limits is required to register the hive with the City.  The application requires a one-time fee of $25.

Golf Cart License

Similar to ATV/UTV licensing, golf carts may be driven on City streets so long as the vehicle is licensed with the City. The license is a $5 annual fee.

Home Based Business License

Anyone operating a business out of his/her home, must certify that business with the City on an annual basis. A permit fee of $25 is charged each year.

Peddler / Solicitor License

Those desiring to sell products door-to-door or at a fixed location are required to apply for a Peddler/Solicitor permit. The fee varies based on location and length of the vending period.

Any peddler/solicitor unable to provide a copy of his/her approved permit violates City Ordinance and may be subject to citation and/or prosecution. Residents who notice door-to-door solicitors unable to show a permit are encouraged to contact the Law Enforcement Center at 402-494-7555 immediately.

Pet License

All cats and dogs residing in Dakota City must be licensed. Pet licensing applications are due by January 1st  each year. The fee is $5 for each altered dog or cat, and $10 for each unaltered dog or cat. An additional fee of $5 is charged for households that harbor more than two of any one species or a combination of three or more dogs and cats. At the time of application, owners must provide proof of rabies vaccination from a licensed veterinarian. Vets may fax vaccination records to City Hall at 402-987-3313.