Dakota City, Nebraska, with inclusion of all residents, schools, businesses within, has a great potential of suffering from city-wide damages resulting from the Covid-19/Corona Virus event(s) that has/will occur beginning on January 31, 2020, and on-going and continuing indefinitely causing disruption of services, cost-incurred prevention and protection and the endangerment of the health and safety of the citizens and businesses of Dakota City.

Therefore, the Mayor of the City of Dakota City has declared a state of emergency authorized under Nebraska State Statute R.R.S. 81-829.50 on behalf of the City of Dakota City, and will execute for and on behalf of the City of Dakota City the expenditure  of emergency  funds from all available sources, the invoking of the mutual aid agreements, and the applying to the State of Nebraska for assistance from the Governor’s Emergency Fund and any other resources he deems necessary in the fulfillment of his duties.

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Dakota County’s Newest Directed Health Measure is listed in the link below. 


Dakota County DHM-February


The state has launched an online portal where Nebraskans can register for coronavirus vaccinations at

The City of Dakota City now offers a Down Payment Assistance Program. Call 402-987-3448 or stop in at City Hall for more information.


Residential Survey Form For The Water System Of Dakota City

State law requires consumers of public water supplies to inspect their facilities not less than once every five years. Completing & returning this form fulfills that requirement!

Welcome To Dakota City!

Dakota City is a progressive and scenic community located on the banks of the Missouri River in Northeast Nebraska. As a small community located in the larger Sioux City MSA, we maintain an attractive small-town presence while also having access to all that an urban area has to offer. We also take great pride in being one of the oldest, most historic communities in Nebraska. Overall, Dakota City’s emphasis on history, recreation, public safety, and community has produced a strong family-oriented environment and a great place to call home.

We welcome you to our community and encourage you to embrace all that Dakota City has to offer!

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