Street Department

The Street Department provides various services to Dakota City throughout the year.

Road Maintenance

  • Road Grading: The City uses a motor grader to maintain gravel roads.  This equipment is used on a weekly basis, depending on weather conditions. Requests for road grading should be directed to City Hall at 402-987-3448.
  • Street Sweeping: The City uses a street sweeper to clean all paved roads. This is done 2-3 times each year.
  • Line Painting: The City owns and operates a street striper to repaint yellow and white traffic lines and parking stalls. This is done on an annual basis.

Snow/Ice Removal

  • The City’s snow removal policy is to clear in the following order:
    • Broadway and N. 14th Street (main street)
    • Path to the Water Treatment Plant
    • On and around the Dakota City Fire Hall
    • Remaining Emergency Route Streets
    • All Other Streets
  • In the event of a snow emergency, the following have been designated as emergency routes:
    • Broadway/IBP Avenue from Highway 77 to 164th Street
    • Locust Street from 9th Street to 20th Street
    • Myrtle Street from 10th Street to 20th Street
    • Walnut Street from 14th Street to 21st Street
    • Willow Street from 16th Street to Dodge Avenue
    • 20th Street from Pine Street to Willow Street
    • 16th Street from Pine Street to Willow Street
    • 21st Street from Broadway to Willow Street

Street Improvements

  • 2017 Street Improvement Project
    • This street paving project consisted of a 13 block area on the south side of town and resulted in $1.4 million in infrastructure improvements.
    • The 2017 project was the first residential paving project implemented in Dakota City in nearly 40 years.
    • The project received an award from the Concrete Paving Association in 2018.
    • Project Contractor: Steve Harris Construction
    • Project Engineering: JEO Consulting Group, Inc.
  • 2018 Street Improvement Project
    • This street paving project consists of a 14 block area in the Northeast Addition of Dakota City. It was completed Fall of 2019 and resulted in over $2 million in infrastructure improvements.
    • Project Contractor: Sioux City Engineering
    • Project Engineering: JEO Consulting Group, Inc.
  • Repair of Existing Infrastructure
    • The City implemented a local option sales tax to raise funds to address critical infrastructure, which includes catch basins and street panels. As a result, the City maintains a list of those panels and catch basins in need of replacement or repair.
  • One and Six Year Plan

Maintenance Department

(402) 987-1014

410 Dodge Avenue

Monday – Friday
7:00 am – 3:30 pm